08.12.2023 19:28

Eyebrow Tattoo Removal

If you've ended up with an eyebrow tattoo less than what you bargained for, there's now a promising solution to remove it, paving the way for new eyebrow tattoos you're bound to adore.

The advent of picosecond laser tattoo removal technology marks a significant leap forward. This innovation enables the removal of undesired tattoos across a spectrum of colours and on every skin type, with a remarkable reduction in the required treatments by up to 40%! Skeptical? The science behind it is solid and confirms its efficacy.

Eyebrow Tattoo Removal

Our cutting-edge technology employs dual laser wavelengths to meticulously target and eliminate every trace of the tattoo ink, regardless of size. This thorough approach ensures a pristine canvas for the reinvention of your eyebrows. This sophisticated technology is designed to spare your skin and eyebrow hairs from any damage. It's fine-tuned to differentiate between pigment and hair, ensuring only the ink is targeted.

Previous technologies faced limitations, effectively breaking down either smaller or larger ink particles, but not both simultaneously. The PiQo4 laser's versatility overcomes this hurdle, adeptly handling a broad spectrum of tattoo ink sizes and colours with precision.

Additionally, older technologies often fell short when it came to treating a diverse range of skin tones, especially for individuals with darker skin or those of Asian descent, posing risks like post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, scarring, and burns.

The sessions required for your less-than-ideal eyebrow tattoo removal will vary depending on your age and the original ink colour. However, drawing from our experience with past clients, we're achieving astonishing results, necessitating up to 40% fewer treatments to reach the desired outcome.


Why our is the preferred choice for tattoo removal procedures

  • Addresses Deeper Levels of Pigmentation: Professional tattoo artists deposit ink at various depths within the dermis during the tattooing process. The Enlighten system is the only skin laser technology capable of operating at different depths while targeting a full spectrum of colours. It is also the only laser system suitable for all skin types.
  • Fewer Treatments Required: The Enlighten system has been shown to require 40% fewer treatments compared to traditional laser tattoo removal systems. Fewer treatments lead to lower costs and reduced recovery times. However, the number of treatments needed can vary between patients.
  • Minimized Pain: The majority of patients who have undergone tattoo removal treatments using the Cutera Enlighten system report significantly less pain than with traditional skin laser systems. This is another reason why it is the preferred choice.

What Makes Tattoo Removal Effective?

This treatment effectively eyebrow tattoo removal from all standard colours. The technology targets both large and small tattoo particles simultaneously, breaking them down into tiny particles naturally removed by the body. The laser targets explicitly the ink without damaging the surrounding skin. Unlike previous technologies, this device can precisely treat a wide range of particle sizes and tattoo colours.

Removal Eyebrow Tattoo

Is Tattoo Removal Right for Me?

Many other lasers are unsuitable for certain skin tones due to the risk of side effects on darker skin. If your skin is prone to forming keloid scars, you may be at an increased risk of scarring after any skin trauma, including laser treatment. Dark skin may also be at an increased risk of hypopigmentation. Hypo and hyperpigmentation are common risks of treatment. However, the range of specifications of our system provides the tools needed to effectively remove pigment with a higher safety margin. Our team will determine if this treatment suits you during your initial consultation.