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Permanent Lip Liner

Lip liner tattoo have advanced significantly, now providing permanent solutions to replace traditional makeup products and recreate various makeup styles.

Lip Liner Tattoo

The permanent lip tattoo offers various styles, including lip liner, which outlines the lips, enhances asymmetry, and creates the illusion of more volume. It is a convenient option for those who want their lip makeup always to look precise, saving them time in their daily routine.

Permanent lip liner is a cosmetic procedure

Permanent lip liner is a cosmetic procedure that involves injecting colour into the skin to create the appearance of wearing lip pencils, with long-lasting results.

The process 

Permanent makeup treatments and tattoos have similarities, but there are important distinctions. Permanent makeup uses pigments and fades over time, whereas tattoos done with ink are permanent.

Lip contours are applied at a shallower depth in the skin compared to traditional tattoos, reaching only the border of the surface layer of the skin and the dermis.

The term lip tattoo refers to permanent makeup, although some may find it simpler to refer to it as a tattoo.

Tattoo lip liner involves colouring the edges of the lips to create a defined or shaded effect.

The treatment utilizes a cosmetic tattoo gun, similar to a tattoo machine, to insert pigments of natural origins into the skin. These pigments remain visible for 1-3 years and gradually fade as the body metabolizes them.

The procedure for Cosmetic Tattoo Lip Liner typically involves two sessions. Following the initial implementation, a touch-up session after 6-8 weeks ensures the pigment colour is even and solid.

What is the healing process for lip liners?

After receiving a lip tattoo, it is essential to allow the skin to recover from the micro-trauma and wounds caused by the application process. Healing usually takes about ten days.

Day 1

After the treatment, it is common for the lips to become swollen, red, and sensitive. Discomfort may be experienced once the numbing effect wears off, but this can be managed with an ice pack and a mild pain reliever.

You may experience lymph oozing from your lips and need to clean them regularly.

The colour will appear dark.

Day 2

The swelling may be going down, but there could still be some irritation in the area.

The lips are expected to experience dryness, so it is recommended that they be kept moisturized.

Scabbing will probably start.

Day 3

The lip skin may scab after receiving needles for permanent lip liner, with shaded lip liner causing more scabbing due to the larger treated area.

Scabs may form on day 3 of the healing process. It is essential to avoid touching or picking at the scabs to prevent pigment loss and maintain optimal results.

The area may continue to feel dry and tight and could potentially be itchy.

Day 4

The scabs will begin to peel off.

The area will likely continue to be itchy.

It is typical for the pigments in this process stage to appear light as they require time for settling.

Days 5 to 10

Some clients may experience additional peeling after the initial scabs have flaked off.

Once the initial healing process is complete, internal healing typically requires an additional month.

The colour may appear lighter initially, but it will gradually darken over the following 3-4 weeks.

 Touch-up on Day 42

After six weeks, the healed area may require a touch-up to enhance the effects. The artist may add pigment if any patches occur during the healing process.

The healing process will occur again after the touch-up, albeit with reduced intensity.


Here are some things to avoid until your lips stop flaking.


  • Please refrain from touching your lips or picking at the scabs.
  • Avoid getting your lips wet by refraining from taking long showers, swimming, intense workouts, using saunas or steam baths, and drinking through a straw.
  • Avoid consuming extremely hot or cold foods and beverages, as they can cause discomfort and potentially aggravate swelling.
  • Consuming alcohol can contribute to further drying out your lips.
  • Spicy food can cause discomfort.
  • It is essential to protect your lips from sunlight exposure.
  • Exposure to sunlight can result in a change in pigment colour.
  • It is recommended to refrain from wearing makeup or any products other than the prescribed aftercare.



Following the treatment, it is essential to adhere to the aftercare routine provided by your artist to ensure proper healing and pigment settling in the treated area. These general guidelines are helpful, but following any specific instructions your artist gives is recommended.

Tattoo Lip Liner

  • During the first day, it is recommended to gently blot off lymph with a damp, sterile cotton pad as advised by your artist, typically every 30 minutes, to minimize scabbing.
  • During the peeling process, cleaning your lips frequently is unnecessary. Clean them after eating or drinking or at least once a day. Use a gentle soap without alcohol to wash your lips. Keep them moisturized with the recommended ointment and reapply whenever your lips feel tight.
  • After the scabby film has fully peeled off, it is recommended to use new lip makeup and care products to avoid potential contamination from bacteria on old tubes.


The routine outlined is known as wet healing, with an alternative version called dry healing, which does not involve moisturizing. Dry healing is no longer recommended as it usually produces less effective results.

Is it possible to remove lip liner tattoos?

Suppose the lip liner was applied outside the vermilion border, on the skin around the lips rather than on the lip tissue. In that case, pigments can be removed using saline or glycolic acid removal methods. Laser removal may not be effective on reddish pigments. The removal process typically requires 2-10 sessions, each priced at around $300.

However, if the unwanted pigments are on the pink skin of the lips, no safe method is available for removing them.

Lip line tattoos can easily be covered until they fade, requiring only a swipe of lipstick. Removal may not be necessary in this case.

Some artists provide removal treatments for lip liner tattoo but require special skills and products. Be sure the artist is knowledgeable and experienced before scheduling a removal appointment.

Key Points

The semi-permanent lip treatment is convenient for those tired of daily lip outlining with makeup. It is waterproof, smudge-proof, and can last up to 3 years. This treatment outlines the lips and is often paired with lip blushing for a more natural look. PM pigments are used to achieve this, requiring about ten days of healing and aftercare. Once healed, you will have beautifully defined lips without makeup.